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Publications of Kaitlin E. Toner    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


Journal Articles

  1. Toner, K., Leary, M.R., Asher, M.W., & Jongman-Sereno, K. (2013). Feeling superior is a bipartisan issue: Extremity (not direction) of political views predicts perceived belief superiority.. Psychological Science. [doi]
  2. Toner, K., Gan, M. & Leary, M.R. (2013). The impact of individual and group feedback on environmental attitudes and intentions. Environment & Behavior. [doi]
  3. Leary, M.R., Toner, K., & Gan, M. (2011). Self, identity, and reactions to distal threats: The case of environmental behavior. Psychological Studies, 56, 159–166. [doi]
  4. Isaacowitz, D.M., Toner, K., & Neupert, S.D (2009). Use of gaze for real-time mood regulation: Effects of age and attentional functioning. Psychology and Aging, 24, 989-994. [doi]
  5. Isaacowitz, D.M., Toner, K., Goren, D., & Wilson, H.R (2008). Looking while unhappy: Mood-congruent gaze in young adults, positive gaze in older adults. Psychological Science, 19, 848-53. [doi]

Chapters in Books

  1. Leary, M.R. & Toner, K. "Self-processes in the construction and maintenance of personality." APA handbook of personality and social psychology. Ed. M. Mikulincer & P. R. Shaver 2012
  2. Leary, M.R. & Toner, K. "Reducing egoistic biases in self-beliefs." The handbook of self-knowledge. Ed. S. Vazire & T. D. Wilson 2012
  3. Leary, M.R. & Toner, K. "Psychological perspectives on blushing." Illuminating the blush. Ed. W.R. Crozier & P. de Jong 2012

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