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Psychology and Neuroscience Grad: Publications since January 2017

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Bejjani, Christina   (search)

  1. DiMenichi, BC; Lempert, KM; Bejjani, C; Tricomi, E (2018). Writing about past failures attenuates cortisol responses and sustained attention deficits following psychosocial stress. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 12(45). [doi]
  2. Bejjani, C; Zhang, Z; Egner, T (2018). Control by association: Transfer of implicitly primed attentional states across linked stimuli.. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review. [doi]  [abs]

Castrellon, Jaime J.   (search)

  1. Dang, LC; Samanez-Larkin, GR; Castrellon, JJ; Perkins, SF; Cowan, RL; Zald, DH (2018). Individual differences in dopamine D2 receptor availability correlate with reward valuation.. Cognitive, Affective, & Behaviorial Neuroscience. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Seaman, KL; Brooks, N; Karrer, TM; Castrellon, JJ; Perkins, SF; Dang, L; Hsu, M; Zald, DH; Samanez-Larkin, GR (2018). Subjective Value Representations during Effort, Probability, and Time Discounting across Adulthood.. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Dang, LC; Samanez-Larkin, GR; Smith, CT; Castrellon, JJ; Perkins, SF; Cowan, RL; Claassen, DO; Zald, DH (2017). FTO affects food cravings and interacts with age to influence age-related decline in food cravings.. Physiology & Behavior. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Dang, LC; Samanez-Larkin, GR; Castrellon, JJ; Perkins, SF; Cowan, RL; Newhouse, PA; Zald, DH (2017). Spontaneous Eye Blink Rate (EBR) Is Uncorrelated with Dopamine D2 Receptor Availability and Unmodulated by Dopamine Agonism in Healthy Adults.. eNeuro, 4(5). [doi]  [abs]
  5. Barber, SJ; Castrellon, JJ; Opitz, P; Mather, M (2017). Younger and older adults' collaborative recall of shared and unshared emotional pictures.. Memory & Cognition, 45(5), 716-730. [doi]  [abs]
  6. Dang, LC; Castrellon, JJ; Perkins, SF; Le, NT; Cowan, RL; Zald, DH; Samanez-Larkin, GR (2017). Reduced effects of age on dopamine D2 receptor levels in physically active adults.. NeuroImage, 148, 123-129. [doi]  [abs]

Cherenack, Emily M.   (search)

  1. Sikkema, KJ; Mulawa, MI; Robertson, C; Watt, MH; Ciya, N; Stein, DJ; Cherenack, EM; Choi, KW; Kombora, M; Joska, JA (2018). Improving AIDS Care After Trauma (ImpACT): Pilot Outcomes of a Coping intervention Among HIV-Infected Women with Sexual Trauma in South Africa.. AIDS and Behavior, 22(3), 1039-1052. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Cherenack, EM; Sikkema, KJ; Watt, MH; Hansen, NB; Wilson, PA (2018). Avoidant Coping Mediates the Relationship Between Self-Efficacy for HIV Disclosure and Depression Symptoms Among Men Who Have Sex with Men Newly Diagnosed with HIV.. AIDS and Behavior. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Wilson, PA; Cherenack, EM; Jadwin-Cakmak, L; Harper, GW; Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions, (2018). Selection and Evaluation of Media for Behavioral Health Interventions Employing Critical Media Analysis.. Health Promotion Practice, 19(1), 145-156. [doi]  [abs]

Coleman, Jessica N.   (search)

  1. O'Cleirigh, C; Perry, NS; Taylor, SW; Coleman, JN; Costa, PT; Mayer, KH; Safren, SA (2018). Personality Traits and Adaptive HIV Disease Management: Relationships with Engagement in Care and Condomless Anal Intercourse Among Highly Sexually Active Sexual Minority Men Living with HIV.. LGBT health, 5(4), 257-263. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Shaffer, KM; Jacobs, JM; Coleman, JN; Temel, JS; Rosand, J; Greer, JA; Vranceanu, A-M (2017). Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms Among Two Seriously Medically Ill Populations and Their Family Caregivers: A Comparison and Clinical Implications. Neurocritical Care, 27(2), 180-186. [doi]
  3. Ashaba, S; Kaida, A; Coleman, JN; Burns, BF; Dunkley, E; O’Neil, K; Kastner, J; Sanyu, N; Akatukwasa, C; Bangsberg, DR; Matthews, LT; Psaros, C (2017). Psychosocial challenges facing women living with HIV during the perinatal period in rural Uganda. PloS one, 12(5), e0176256-e0176256. [doi]

Duffy, Korrina A   (search)

  1. Duffy, KA; Harris, LT; Chartrand, TL; Stanton, SJ (2017). Women recovering from social rejection: The effect of the person and the situation on a hormonal mechanism of affiliation.. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 76, 174-182. [doi]  [abs]

Giusto, Ali   (search)

  1. Giusto, AM; Green, EP; Puffer, ES (2017). Associations Between Fathers' and Sons' Sexual Risk in Rural Kenya: The Potential for Intergenerational Transmission.. Journal of Adolescent Health, 61(2), 219-225. [doi]  [abs]

Keeling, Lori A.   (search)

  1. Spiridigliozzi, GA; Keeling, LA; Stefanescu, M; Li, C; Austin, S; Kishnani, PS (2017). Cognitive and academic outcomes in long-term survivors of infantile-onset Pompe disease: A longitudinal follow-up.. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 121(2), 127-137. [doi]  [abs]

Kim, Namsoo   (search)

  1. Bey, AL; Wang, X; Yan, H; Kim, N; Passman, RL; Yang, Y; Cao, X; Towers, AJ; Hulbert, SW; Duffney, LJ; Gaidis, E; Rodriguiz, RM; Wetsel, WC; Yin, HH; Jiang, Y-H (2018). Brain region-specific disruption of Shank3 in mice reveals a dissociation for cortical and striatal circuits in autism-related behaviors.. Translational Psychiatry, 8(1), 94. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Toda, K; Lusk, NA; Watson, GDR; Kim, N; Lu, D; Li, HE; Meck, WH; Yin, HH (2017). Nigrotectal Stimulation Stops Interval Timing in Mice.. Current Biology, 27(24), 3763-3770.e3. [doi]  [abs]
  3. O'Hare, JK; Li, H; Kim, N; Gaidis, E; Ade, K; Beck, J; Yin, H; Calakos, N (2017). Striatal fast-spiking interneurons selectively modulate circuit output and are required for habitual behavior.. eLife, 6. [doi]  [abs]

Li, Leon Y.   (search)

  1. Li, L; Rizzo, MT; Burkholder, AR; Killen, M (2017). Theory of mind and resource allocation in the context of hidden inequality. Cognitive Development, 43, 25-36. [doi]
  2. Li, L; Slevc, LR (2017). Of Papers and Pens: Polysemes and Homophones in Lexical (mis)Selection. Cognitive Science - A Multidisciplinary Journal, 41, 1532-1548. [doi]

Marsan, Samuel   (search)

  1. Campbell, K; Carpenter, KL; Hashemi, J; Espinosa, S; Marsan, S; Borg, JS; Chang, Z; Qiu, Q; Vermeer, S; Adler, E; Tepper, M; Egger, HL; Baker, JP; Sapiro, G; Dawson, G (2018). Computer vision analysis captures atypical attention in toddlers with autism.. Autism, 1362361318766247. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Zucker, N; Mauro, C; Craske, M; Wagner, HR; Datta, N; Hopkins, H; Caldwell, K; Kiridly, A; Marsan, S; Maslow, G; Mayer, E; Egger, H (2017). Acceptance-based interoceptive exposure for young children with functional abdominal pain.. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 97, 200-212. [doi]  [abs]

Meyer, Allison E.   (search)

  1. Meyer, AE; Curry, JF (2017). Pathways from anxiety to stressful events: An expansion of the stress generation hypothesis.. Clinical Psychology Review, 57, 93-116. [doi]

Monge, Zachary A.   (search)

  1. Monge, ZA; Wing, EA; Stokes, J; Cabeza, R (2018). Search and recovery of autobiographical and laboratory memories: Shared and distinct neural components.. Neuropsychologia, 110, 44-54. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Regier, PS; Monge, ZA; Franklin, TR; Wetherill, RR; Teitelman, A; Jagannathan, K; Suh, JJ; Wang, Z; Young, KA; Gawrysiak, M; Langleben, DD; Kampman, KM; O'Brien, CP; Childress, AR (2017). Emotional, physical and sexual abuse are associated with a heightened limbic response to cocaine cues. Addiction Biology, 22(6), 1768-1777. [doi]
  3. Monge, ZA; Geib, BR; Siciliano, RE; Packard, LE; Tallman, CW; Madden, DJ (2017). Functional modular architecture underlying attentional control in aging.. NeuroImage, 155, 257-270. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Madden, DJ; Parks, EL; Tallman, CW; Boylan, MA; Hoagey, DA; Cocjin, SB; Packard, LE; Johnson, MA; Chou, Y-H; Potter, GG; Chen, N-K; Siciliano, RE; Monge, ZA; Honig, JA; Diaz, MT (2017). Sources of disconnection in neurocognitive aging: cerebral white-matter integrity, resting-state functional connectivity, and white-matter hyperintensity volume.. Neurobiology of Aging, 54, 199-213. [doi]  [abs]
  5. Siciliano, RE; Madden, DJ; Tallman, CW; Boylan, MA; Kirste, I; Monge, ZA; Packard, LE; Potter, GG; Wang, L (2017). Task difficulty modulates brain activation in the emotional oddball task.. Brain Research, 1664, 74-86. [doi]  [abs]
  6. Madden, DJ; Parks, EL; Tallman, CW; Boylan, MA; Hoagey, DA; Cocjin, SB; Johnson, MA; Chou, Y-H; Potter, GG; Chen, N-K; Packard, LE; Siciliano, RE; Monge, ZA; Diaz, MT (2017). Frontoparietal activation during visual conjunction search: Effects of bottom-up guidance and adult age.. Human Brain Mapping, 38(4), 2128-2149. [doi]  [abs]

Moshontz de la Rocha, Hannah A.   (search)

  1. Sanchez, CE; Atkinson, KM; Koenka, AC; Moshontz, H; Cooper, H (2017). Self-grading and peer-grading for formative and summative assessments in 3rd through 12th grade classrooms: A meta-analysis. Journal of Educational Psychology, 109(8), 1049-1066. [doi]  [abs]

Scult, Matthew A.   (search)

  1. Olmeta-Schult, F; Segal, LM; Tyner, S; Moon, TA; Chow, RD-W; Chakrabarty, P; Pacesa, M; Podgornaia, AI; Chen, J; Singh, B; Cao, B; Sidhu, RRS; Tan, BWQ; Sood, P; Parker, S; Scult, MA; Van Haute, D; Konstantinides, N; Schwendimann, BA; Srivastava, S; Fiorenza, R; Dutton-Regester, K; Hale, R; Polat, EO; Lau, E; Mayer, AL; White, ER (2018). NextGen VOICES: Research resolutions.. Science, 359(6371), 26-28. [doi]
  2. Scult, MA; Knodt, AR; Radtke, SR; Brigidi, BD; Hariri, AR (2017). Prefrontal Executive Control Rescues Risk for Anxiety Associated with High Threat and Low Reward Brain Function. Cerebral Cortex. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Miller, JA; Scult, MA; Conley, ED; Chen, Q; Weinberger, DR; Hariri, AR (2017). Effects of Schizophrenia Polygenic Risk Scores on Brain Activity and Performance During Working Memory Subprocesses in Healthy Young Adults.. Schizophrenia Bulletin. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Scult, MA; Knodt, AR; Hanson, JL; Ryoo, M; Adcock, RA; Hariri, AR; Strauman, TJ (2017). Individual differences in regulatory focus predict neural response to reward.. Social Neuroscience, 12(4), 419-429. [doi]  [abs]
  5. Scult, MA (2017). Flexible Adaptation of Brain Networks during Stress.. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 37(15), 3992-3994. [doi]
  6. Trampush, JW; Yang, MLZ; Yu, J; Knowles, E; Davies, G; Liewald, DC; Starr, JM; Djurovic, S; Melle, I; Sundet, K; Christoforou, A; Reinvang, I; DeRosse, P; Lundervold, AJ; Steen, VM; Espeseth, T; Räikkönen, K; Widen, E; Palotie, A; Eriksson, JG; Giegling, I; Konte, B; Roussos, P; Giakoumaki, S; Burdick, KE; Payton, A; Ollier, W; Horan, M; Chiba-Falek, O; Attix, DK; Need, AC; Cirulli, ET; Voineskos, AN; Stefanis, NC; Avramopoulos, D; Hatzimanolis, A; Arking, DE; Smyrnis, N; Bilder, RM et al. (2017). GWAS meta-analysis reveals novel loci and genetic correlates for general cognitive function: a report from the COGENT consortium.. Molecular Psychiatry, 22(3), 336-345. [doi]  [abs]
  7. Scult, MA; Paulli, AR; Mazure, ES; Moffitt, TE; Hariri, AR; Strauman, TJ (2017). The association between cognitive function and subsequent depression: a systematic review and meta-analysis.. Psychological Medicine, 47(1), 1-17. [doi]  [abs]
  8. Scult, MA; Knodt, AR; Swartz, JR; Brigidi, BD; Hariri, AR (2017). Thinking and Feeling: Individual Differences in Habitual Emotion Regulation and Stress-Related Mood are Associated with Prefrontal Executive Control.. Clinical Psychological Science, 5(1), 150-157. [doi]  [abs]

Van Denburg, Alyssa N.   (search)

  1. Van Denburg, AN; Shelby, RA; Caldwell, DS; O'Sullivan, ML; Keefe, FJ (2018). Self-Efficacy for Pain Communication Moderates the Relation between Ambivalence over Emotional Expression and Pain Catastrophizing among Patients with Osteoarthritis.. The Journal of Pain. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Dorfman, CS; Lamb, E; Van Denburg, A; Wren, AA; Soo, MS; Faircloth, K; Gandhi, V; Shelby, RA (2018). The relationship between holding back from communicating about breast concerns and anxiety in the year following breast biopsy.. Journal of Psychosocial Oncology, 36(2), 222-237. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Van Denburg, AN; Vilardaga, JP; Shelby, RA; Keefe, FJ (2017). Opioid therapy and persistent pain: can cognitive behavioral therapy help?. PAIN. [doi]
  4. Kelleher, SA; Dorfman, CS; Plumb Vilardaga, JC; Majestic, C; Winger, J; Gandhi, V; Nunez, C; Van Denburg, A; Shelby, RA; Reed, SD; Murphy, S; Davidian, M; Laber, EB; Kimmick, GG; Westbrook, KW; Abernethy, AP; Somers, TJ (2017). Optimizing delivery of a behavioral pain intervention in cancer patients using a sequential multiple assignment randomized trial SMART.. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 57, 51-57. [doi]  [abs]

Watson, Glenn   (search)

  1. Toda, K; Lusk, NA; Watson, GDR; Kim, N; Lu, D; Li, HE; Meck, WH; Yin, HH (2017). Nigrotectal Stimulation Stops Interval Timing in Mice.. Current Biology, 27(24), 3763-3770.e3. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Liang, Z; Ma, Y; Watson, GD; Zhang, N (2017). Simultaneous GCaMP6-based fiber photometry and fMRI in rats. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 289, 31-38. [doi]
  3. Alloway, KD; Smith, JB; Mowery, TM; Watson, GDR (2017). Sensory Processing in the Dorsolateral Striatum: The Contribution of Thalamostriatal Pathways. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 11. [doi]
  4. Smith, JB; Liang, Z; Watson, GDR; Alloway, KD; Zhang, N (2017). Interhemispheric resting-state functional connectivity of the claustrum in the awake and anesthetized states. Brain Structure and Function, 222(5), 2041-2058. [doi]
  5. Watson, GD; Smith, JB; Alloway, KD (2017). Interhemispheric connections between the infralimbic and entorhinal cortices: The endopiriform nucleus has limbic connections that parallel the sensory and motor connections of the claustrum. The Journal of Comparative Neurology, 525(6), 1363-1380. [doi]

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