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Research Interests for Suzanne Bouffard

Faculty Mentor: Hill

Research Interests:
My research interests lie at the intersection of human development and public policy, and in bridging the fields of research, policy, and practice. My research focus is on applications of psychology to education and non-school time opportunities for learning and development. Recent projects have included family involvement in education, academic motivation, afterschool programs and experiences, and ethnic and socioeconomic achievement gaps. I am currently conducting my dissertation on communication between parents and school personnel via Internet technology. I am also conducting research on the role of afterschool programs in the academic, social, and civic development of children and adolescents. My work in this area includes both large-scale quantitative research and program evaluation, as well as research dissemination and strategic communications to key stakeholders such as afterschool providers, policymakers, and funding organizations. My teaching interests include applied human development and teaching writing for the social sciences.

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