Helen L. Egger, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Affiliate of Center for Child and Family Policy

Helen L. Egger
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Office Location:  Brightleaf Square, 905 W Main St, Durham, NC 27701
Office Phone:  (919) 385-0843
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M.P.H.University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill2000
M.D.Yale University1991

Developmental Psychology
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  1. Carpenter, KLH; Baranek, GT; Copeland, WE; Compton, S; Zucker, N; Dawson, G; Egger, HL (2019). Sensory Over-Responsivity: An Early Risk Factor for Anxiety and Behavioral Challenges in Young Children.. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 47(6), 1075-1088. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Marceau, K; Rolan, E; Leve, LD; Ganiban, JM; Reiss, D; Shaw, DS; Natsuaki, MN; Egger, HL; Neiderhiser, JM (2019). Parenting and prenatal risk as moderators of genetic influences on conduct problems during middle childhood.. Dev Psychol, 55(6), 1164-1181. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Campbell, K; Carpenter, KL; Hashemi, J; Espinosa, S; Marsan, S; Borg, JS; Chang, Z; Qiu, Q; Vermeer, S; Adler, E; Tepper, M; Egger, HL; Baker, JP; Sapiro, G; Dawson, G (2019). Computer vision analysis captures atypical attention in toddlers with autism.. Autism, 23(3), 619-628. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Dawson, G; Campbell, K; Hashemi, J; Lippmann, SJ; Smith, V; Carpenter, K; Egger, H; Espinosa, S; Vermeer, S; Baker, J; Sapiro, G (2018). Atypical postural control can be detected via computer vision analysis in toddlers with autism spectrum disorder.. Scientific Reports, 8(1), 17008. [doi]  [abs]
  5. Zhao, C; Egger, HL; Stein, CR; McGregor, KA (2018). Separation and Reunification: Mental Health of Chinese Children Affected by Parental Migration.. Pediatrics, 142(3). [doi]