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Jacqueline R Hersh, Graduate Student    Edit

Jacqueline R Hersh

Research Summary:
Broadly I am interested in researching psychopathology among adolescents, primarily depression and substance abuse.

Specifically, I am curious if/how these conditions manifest and present in various sub-populations. With that consideration, I am additionally interested in the possible need to tailor therapies to specific people such as diverse cultural groups or those with comorbid psychological disorders.

Lab Personnel: 
1. Hersh, J., Curry, J.F., & Becker, S.J. (in press). The Influence of Comorbid Depression and Conduct Disorder on MET/CBT Treatment Outcome for Adolescent Substance Use Disorders. Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy.

2. Becker, S.J., Livas Stein, G., Curry, J.F., & Hersh, J. (2012). Ethnic differences among substance-abusing adolescents in a treatment dissemination project. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 42, 328-3.

3. Stein, G.L., Curry, J.F., Hersh, J., Breland-Noble, A., Silva, S.G., Reinecke, M.A., Jacobs, R., & March, J. (2010). Ethnic Differences Among Adolescents Beginning Treatment for Depression. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 16(2), 152-158.

4. George, D.T., Herion, D.W., Jones, C.L., Phillips, M.J., Hersh, J., Hill, D., Heilig, M., Ramchandani, V.A,, Geyer, C.A., Spero, D.E., Singley, E.D., O’Malley, S.S., Bishai, R., Rawlings, R.R., & Kunos, G. (2009). Rimonabant (SR141716) has no effect on alcohol self-administration or endocrine measures in nontreatment-seeking heavy alcohol drinkers. Psychopharmacology, 208, 37-44.

5. Ciccocioppo R, Gehlert DR, Ryabinin A, Kaur S, Cippitelli A, Thorsell A, Lê AD, Hipskind PA, Hamdouchi C, Lu J, Hembre EJ, Cramer J, Song M, McKinzie D, Morin M, Economidou D, Stopponi S, Cannella N, Braconi S, Kallupi M, de Guglielmo G, Massi M, George DT, Gilman J, Hersh J, Tauscher JT, Hunt SP, Hommer D, Heilig M. (2009). Stress-related neuropeptides and alcoholism: CRH, NPY, and beyond. Alcohol, 43(7), 491-8.

6. George, D.T.*, Gilman, J.*, Hersh, J.*, Thorsell, A.*, Herion, D., Geyer, C., et al. Neurokinin 1 receptor antagonism as a possible therapy for alcoholism. Science. 319(5869):1536-1539, 2008.
*These authors contributed equally.

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