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Research Interests for James R. Bettman

Research Interests: Consumer Behavior, Decision Making, Emotion and Choice

Adaptation, Psychological, Adolescent, Adult, Affect, Attention, Awareness, Brain Mapping, Cerebral Cortex, Choice Behavior, Cognition, Cognitive Dissonance, Decision Making, Emotions, Female, Gambling, Humans, Image Processing, Computer-Assisted, Individuality, Logistic Models, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Male, Middle Aged, Motivation, Nerve Net, Neuropsychological Tests, Oxygen, Predictive Value of Tests, Probability, Psychology, Questionnaires, Reward, Risk-Taking, Social Behavior, Thinking, Unconscious (Psychology), Young Adult
Recent Publications   (search)
  1. Escalas, JE; Bettman, JR, Connecting With Celebrities: How Consumers Appropriate Celebrity Meanings for a Sense of Belonging, Journal of Advertising, vol. 46 no. 2 (April, 2017), pp. 297-308 [doi].
  2. Shah, AM; Eisenkraft, N; Bettman, JR; Chartrand, TL, “ Paper or Plastic?”: How We Pay Influences Post-Transaction Connection, Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 42 no. 5 (February, 2016), pp. 688-708 [doi].
  3. Cavanaugh, LA; Bettman, JR; Luce, MF, Feeling Love and Doing More for Distant Others: Specific Positive Emotions Differentially Affect Prosocial Consumption, Journal of Marketing Research, vol. 52 no. 5 (October, 2015), pp. 657-673 [doi].
  4. Breazeale, M; Fournier, S; Avery, J; Aaker, D; Deighton, J; Fitzsimons, G; Kozinets, RV; MacInnis, D; McGill, AL; John, DR; Schroeder, J; Escalas, JE; Bettman, JR, Contemplating the futures of brandingBrand relationships and self-identity: Consumer use of celebrity meaning to repair a compromised identity, in Strong Brands, Strong Relationships (June, 2015), pp. 395-414 [doi].
  5. Bettman, JR; Escalas, JE, The Brand is Me: Exploring the Effect of Self-Brand Connections on Processing Brand Information as Self-Information, in Routledge Companion to Identity and Consumption, edited by Ruvio, AA; Belk, RW (February, 2015), pp. 366-374, Routledge.

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