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Kimberlea Schiro-Osman, Graduate Student    Edit

Research Summary:
My research interests generally focus on the study of close relationships and the development of selfhood processes during childhood and adolescence. Of particular interest to me are the mutual influences of friendship and parent-child attachments on self-development during childhood and adolescence. My research integrates Sullivanian theory and attachment theory to examine the linkages between close friendship relations, parent-child relationships, and the development of selfhood processes, in order to determine the contributing factors of each on psychopathology, particularly depression, during the critical developmental transition between childhood and adolescence. My clinical orientation is cognitive-interpersonal with a strong emphasis on the dynamics of developmental changes, processes in familial interactions, and self-presentational processes in child and adolescent psychopathology. More specifically, my clinical interests are focused on the interpersonal and cognitive processes associated with the etiology and treatment of child and adolescent affective disorders, particularly depression.

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