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Publications [#337111] of Scott H. Kollins

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Journal Articles

  1. Lunsford-Avery, JR; Kollins, SH; Mitchell, JT (2018). Sluggish Cognitive Tempo in Adults Referred for an ADHD Evaluation: A Psychometric Analysis of Self- and Collateral Report.. Journal of Attention Disorders, 1087054718787894. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/02/17)

    Sluggish cognitive tempo (SCT) symptoms uniquely contribute to psychiatric and functional outcomes in child samples; however, the psychometric properties of SCT measures among adult outpatients are unknown.Adults ( n = 124) presenting for an ADHD evaluation provided self- and collateral report of SCT symptoms.The SCT scale had good internal consistency and yielded three factors across raters: Slow/Daydreamy, Sleepy/Sluggish, and Low Initiation/Persistence. SCT scores exhibited convergent validity with ADHD symptoms across raters. Individuals with ADHD received higher SCT ratings than those without ADHD via collateral report, a pattern that was similar when comorbidity was considered. SCT was associated with poorer functioning after accounting for ADHD symptoms with some differential effects based on reporting source.Findings support the internal consistency and validity of a three-factor SCT scale among adult outpatients. Differential results between self- and collateral report demonstrate the importance of multiple reporters of SCT in clinical settings.

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