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Publications [#339676] of Kathleen A. Welsh-Bohmer

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Journal Articles

  1. Morrison, RL; Pei, H; Novak, G; Kaufer, DI; Welsh-Bohmer, KA; Ruhmel, S; Narayan, VA (2018). A computerized, self-administered test of verbal episodic memory in elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment and healthy participants: A randomized, crossover, validation study.. Alzheimer'S & Dementia (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 10, 647-656. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/06/17)

    Introduction: Performance of "Revere", a novel iPad-administered word-list recall (WLR) test, in quantifying deficits in verbal episodic memory, was evaluated versus examiner-administered Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT) in patients with mild cognitive impairment and cognitively normal participants. Methods: Elderly patients with clinically diagnosed mild cognitive impairment (Montreal Cognitive Assessment score 24-27) and cognitively normal (Montreal Cognitive Assessment score ≥28) were administered RAVLT or Revere in a randomized crossover design. Results: A total of 153/161 participants (Revere/RAVLT n = 75; RAVLT/Revere n = 78) were randomized; 148 (97%) completed study; 121 patients (mean [standard deviation] age: 70.4 [7.84] years) were included for analysis. Word-list recall scores (8 trials) were comparable between Revere and RAVLT (Pearson's correlation coefficients: 0.12-0.70; least square mean difference [Revere-RAVLT]: -0.84 [90% CI, -1.15; -0.54]). Model factor estimates indicated trial (P < .001), period (P < .001) and evaluation sequence (P = .038) as significant factors. Learning over trials index and serial position effects were comparable. Discussion: Participants' verbal recall performance on Revere and RAVLT were equivalent.

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