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Regina C. Sims, Postdoctoral Fellow

Regina C. Sims

Representative Publications:   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. with Madhere, S., Callender, C., & Campbell, A. (2008). Patterns of relationships between cardiovascular risk factors and cognitive function in older African Americans (In press). Ethnicity & Disease.
  2. with Allaire, J. C., Gamaldo, A.A., Edwards, C.L., & Whitfield, K.E. (2008). An examination of dedifferentiation in cognition among African-American older adults (In press). Journal of Cross-cultural Gerontology.
  3. with Madhere, S., Clark, E., Gordon, S., Callender, C., & Campbell, A. (2008). Relationships between blood pressure, triglycerides, and verbal learning in young adult and middle-aged African Americans (In press). Journal of the National Medical Association.  [abs]
  4. Whitfield, K.E., Allaire, J.C., Gamaldo, A., Aiken Morgan, A.T., Sims, R., & Edwards, C. (2008). Blood pressure and memory in older African Americans. Ethnicity & Disease, 18, 181-186.
  5. Allaire, J.C., Gamaldo, A., Ayotte, B.J., Sims, R., & Whitfield, K. (2008). Mild cognitive impairment and objective instrumental everyday functioning: The Everyday Cognition Battery Memory Test (In press). Journal of the American Geriatric Society.

Typical Courses Taught::

  • Humandev 124, Human development Synopsis

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