Research Interests for Richard P. Larrick

Research Interests: Individual and Group Decision Making, Motivation, Social Perception, Behavioral Approaches to Energy and the Environment Decisions

Behavioral Research, Cognition, Decision Making, Energy conservation, Energy labeling, Energy psychology, Environment, Goals, Group Processes, Interpersonal Relations, Leadership, Learning, Models, Psychological, Motivation, Negotiating, Organizational behavior, Psychology, Social, Risk-Taking, Social Behavior
Recent Publications   (search)
  1. Chun, JS; Larrick, RP, The power of rank information., Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (November, 2021) [doi[abs].
  2. Tang, S; Koval, CZ; Larrick, RP; Harris, L, The morality of organization versus organized members: Organizations are attributed more control and responsibility for negative outcomes than are equivalent members., Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, vol. 119 no. 4 (October, 2020), pp. 901-919 [doi[abs].
  3. Lawson, MA; Larrick, RP; Soll, JB, Comparing fast thinking and slow thinking: The relative benefits of interventions, individual differences, and inferential rules, Judgment and Decision Making, vol. 15 no. 5 (September, 2020), pp. 660-684 [abs].
  4. Camilleri, AR; Larrick, RP, The collective aggregation effect: Aggregating potential collective action increases prosocial behavior., Journal of Experimental Psychology. General, vol. 148 no. 3 (March, 2019), pp. 550-569 [doi[abs].
  5. Camilleri, AR; Larrick, RP; Hossain, S; Patino-Echeverri, D, Consumers underestimate the emissions associated with food but are aided by labels, Nature Climate Change, vol. 9 no. 1 (January, 2019), pp. 53-58, Springer Nature [doi[abs].