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  • Robert F Barkhau, Director, Office of Facilities and Arts & Sci Facilities Director of Office of the Dean and Director, Facilities, A&S
  • Laura J Eastwood, Senior Program Coordinator of Humanities Writ Large
  • Paula E Gilbert, Associate Dean, Director of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions
  • Brian J Greene, Program Coordinator of Office of Faculty Affairs and Program Coordinator, Office of Faculty Affairs
  • Gail L Hignight, Assistant to Dean Arlie O. Petters and Special Assistant for Strategic Initiatives
  • Mary B Jacobs, Administrative Manager and Assistant to Dean of Faculty of Arts & Sciences and Trinity College
  • Angela B Latta, Staff Assistant to the Deans of Natural Sciences & Social Sciences
  • Carmel Lee, Director or Research Opportunities
  • Catherine M Lewis, Departmental Business Mgr II (joint with Cardea Fellows Program)
  • Mary T Nettleton, Staff Assistant to the Dean of the Humanities
  • Gina Pennington, Program Coordinator
  • Joan N Shipman, Staff Assistant to Dean of Faculty of Arts & Sciences and Trinity College
  • Michael Truell, Director, Communications, A&S (joint with Office of Communications)

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