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  1. Nevidjon, B., Cancer prevention and early detection: Reported activities of nurses., Oncology nursing forum, vol. 13 no. 4 (August, 1986), pp. 76-80, ISSN 0190-535X
    (last updated on 2010/11/05)

    According to the American Cancer Society, a significant number of lives could be saved each year if cancer were detected earlier. Oncology nurses are knowledgeable about cancer risks, risk reduction behaviors, and screening and are likely to play a key role in detection, the ONS Board of Directors invited members to submit a letter of description. The contents of those letters focused on individual work as well as local ONS chapter activities. This article summarizes those responses and integrates that information from the nursing literature demonstrating nurses' roles. As evidenced by both sources, nurses use a multitude of approaches individually and in collaboration with others to educate various audiences about cancer prevention and early detection.

    Education, Nursing, Continuing • Health Education* • Health Promotion • Humans • Mass Screening • Neoplasms • Patient Education as Topic • diagnosis • prevention & control*