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  1. Nevidjon, B. and Erickson, J. I., The nursing shortage: solutions for the short and long term., in A History of Nursing Ideas, edited by Andrist, L. C. and Nicholas, P. K. and Wolf, K. A., Online journal of issues in nursing, vol. 6 no. 1 (2006), pp. 461-472, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA, ISSN 1091-3734, ISBN ISBN-13: 9780763722890 ISBN-10:07637228 [doi]
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    Author's Comments:
    Reprinted in 2006 in History of Nursing Ideas, Linda Andrist, Patrice Nicholas, Karen Wolf. Originally published in Online Journal of Issues in Nursing 6(1)4,

    With predictions that this nursing shortage will be more severe and have a longer duration than has been previously experienced, traditional strategies implemented by employers will have limited success. The aging nursing workforce, low unemployment, and the global nature of this shortage compound the usual factors that contribute to nursing shortages. For sustained change and assurance of an adequate supply of nurses, solutions must be developed in several areas: education, healthcare deliver systems, policy and regulations, and image. This shortage is not solely nursing's issue and requires a collaborative effort among nursing leaders in practice and education, health care executives, government, and the media. This paper poses several ideas of solutions, some already underway in the United States, as a catalyst for readers to initiate local programs.

    Age Factors • Humans • Nurses • Nursing Services • Regional Health Planning • United States • supply & distribution*