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  1. Nevidjon, B., Using leadership and advocacy to improve cancer pain management--based on a presentation at the cancer pain, suffering and spirituality course., Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP, vol. 11 Suppl 1 (April, 2010), pp. 13-6, ISSN 1513-7368 [Nevidjon.pdf]
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    Being a leader is not dependent on a title and, in fact, every oncology nurse is a clinical leader. Building on skills in caring for patients, oncology clinicians and nurses use their knowledge and skills to: advocate for patients; initiate performance improvement projects; develop new services for patients and families; ensure quality and safety of care; influence health policy. Because of oncology clinicians and nurses closeness to patients and families in all settings, they know where the barriers to excellence are in organizations. This session will provide an overview of leadership skills and how nurses in particular can use their expertise as clinicians to improve the care delivery in their organizations and communities.