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  1. Gilliss, C. L. and Belza, B. L., A framework for understanding family caregivers' recovery work after cardiac surgery., Family and Community Health, vol. 15 no. 2 (July, 1992), pp. 41-48, ISSN 0160-6379 (Print); 1550-5057 (Electronic) [aspx]
    (last updated on 2011/01/30)

    75 adult cardiac surgery patients and their primary family caregivers were assigned to a treatment group in which they received telephone calls by nurses at 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 wks following hospital discharge designed to monitor and assist patients with early recovery at home. Caregiving work (CW) was elicited by factors such as a sense of duty or responsibility and fear that the patient requires protection from death. Caregivers employed various strategies to motivate patients to comply with activities during recovery. Types of CW observed were functional, monitoring, comfort, and support work. A framework of caregiver goals, work, and problems during early recovery is presented based on integration of the longitudinal data with J. Corbin and A. Strauss's (1988) goals of managing a chronic illness.

    Caregivers • Family Members • Heart Surgery • Recovery (Disorders)