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  1. Anderson, A. L. and Gilliss, C. L. and Yoder, L., Practice environment for nurse practitioners in California. Identifying barriers., The Western journal of medicine, vol. 165 no. 4 (October, 1996), pp. 209-14, ISSN 0093-0415
    (last updated on 2011/01/30)

    Barriers exist that prevent nurse practitioners from using their primary health care knowledge and skills. We present the incidence of and specific barriers experienced by nurse practitioner respondents in California, the state with the largest number of nurse practitioners in the nation. A January 1995 survey was sent to all nurse practitioners certified in California to elicit their experiences regarding legal or social barriers in their practice, with space for an open-ended response. Of an estimated 3,895 nurse practitioners in California, 2,741 (70%) returned surveys. Most nurse practitioner (65%) respondents in California are providing primary care. Perceived barriers to practice are lack of prescriptive authority, lack of support from physicians, reimbursement difficulties, and lack of public awareness. Current barriers to nurse practitioner practice in California are similar to national barriers discovered in 1992 data. The development of interprofessional dialogue and the recognition of the contributions of all primary care professionals are some of the steps that can be taken to reduce these barriers and increase the use and effectiveness of nurse practitioners in primary care.

    California • Communication Barriers* • Data Collection • Female • Humans • Male • Nurse Practitioners* • standards • trends