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  1. Schneider, S. M. and Turner, B. S. and Califf, R. M. and Burks, W. and McHutchinson, J. G. and Gilliss, C. L., Issues in clinical trials management. Academic research units: opportunities and challenges for nursing practice., Research Practitioner, vol. 9 no. 5 (Sep-Oct, 2008), pp. 175-84, ISSN 1528-0330
    (last updated on 2011/08/17)

    Improving our ability to translate research findings from discovery into clinical practice is a priority if we are to benefit from scientific discovery. The academic research unit serves as a catalyst for investigator-initiated and industry-initiated clinical trials. Expert nursing care for individuals who participate in clinical trials is essential for this effort. In this paper we discussed a model of nursing practice, roles for nurses on an academic research unit, and the deployment of nursing assets to create an efficient, safe, and nimble academic research unit. We also will discuss the use of the academic research unit as an educational site and learning environment for both undergraduate and graduate nursing students.