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  1. Schwartz, A. (Discussion: D. Vlahov, S. Hassmiller, and C. Gilliss), Gazing into the future of advanced practice nursing, Science of Caring (UCSF School of Nursing) (March, 2013) [gazing-future-advanced-practice-nursing]
    (last updated on 2013/03/18)

    As policymakers and health care providers in the United States wrestle with dramatic changes to the health care system, a projected shortage of providers, particularly in primary care, is a major concern. Numerous experts have suggested that advanced practice nurses should play a significant role in addressing this concern, but others question whether that is appropriate. Against this backdrop, Science of Caring gathered three of the nation’s thought leaders in nursing to discuss the future of the advanced practice role. Dean David Vlahov of the UCSF School of Nursing moderated the discussion with Susan Hassmiller, senior adviser for nursing at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Dean Catherine Gilliss of Duke University School of Nursing. Bios of each appear at the end of the discussion.