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  1. Granger, B. B. and Zhao, Y. and Rogers, J. and Miller, C. and Gilliss, C. L. and Champagne, M., The language of data: tools to translate evidence for nurses in clinical practice., Journal for nurses in professional development, vol. 29 no. 6 (Nov-Dec, 2013), pp. 294-300, ISSN 2169-981X [The-Language-of-Data-Tools-to-Translate-Evidence-f], [doi]
    (last updated on 2015/02/11)

    In clinical practice, nurses are expected to understand and implement the science that supports patient care, yet they fall short of goals to implement evidence in practice. One reason is difficulty in interpreting research results. Interpretation requires an ability to read and speak a language that many nurses have never mastered-the language of data. This article presents a skill-based solution for use in nursing professional development to improve nurses' understanding of statistics as a language.