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  1. Davis, L. L. and Hayes, W. S., Media for an integrated nursing curriculum., The Journal of nursing education, vol. 16 no. 8 (October, 1977), pp. 12-5, ISSN 0148-4834
    (last updated on 2010/10/20)

    In conclussion, the media decision-making process for an integrated nursing curriculum is based upon the following steps: - An analysis of the philosophy and unifying strands in the conceptual framework of the curriculum model, - An evaluation of currently owned media in terms of the theoretical framework and educational objectives of the model, - An assessment of commercial media with realistic planning for purchase and/or production, and - The development of a systematic ongoing evaluation process by students, faculty, and nursing service personnel. The focus of this discussion has been clarification of the assessment and planning steps necessary in the media decision-making process for an integrated nursing curriculum. While these steps are applicable to any educational model, they have particular relevance to a curriculum model in which concept learning and interrelationships are stressed.

    Audiovisual Aids* • Curriculum* • Decision Making • Education, Nursing* • Faculty, Nursing • Humans