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Constance M Johnson
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Nursing Informatics
Research Interests:

Dr. Johnson's research interests include human-computer interaction and how presentation of information impacts health-related decisions in the areas of cancer prevention and diabetes. For example, her R03 study (1 R03 CA132562-01), “Strategies to help inform colorectal cancer risk magnitudes” focused on developing an intervention that addressed different dimensions of risk and assessed how people’s reactions and understanding on various dimensions of risk were related to intentions to screen for colorectal cancer. Her R21 study (R21LM010727-01), “Second Life Impacts Diabetes Education & Self-Management (SLIDES)” assessed the feasibility and acceptability of using a virtual environment to provide self-management interventions to people with type 2 diabetes on the Internet. Her AHRQ grant, “EHR Information Design and Usability Toolkit” developed a model for a toolkit to assess how well the usability and information design of health IT systems supports primary care clinicians in delivering care. Dr. Johnson was also the Co-I on another AHRQ grant, “Development of a Model Electronic Health Record Format for Children” where her primary role was to conduct usability studies. She is also currently a Co-PI on a grant titled, “Visualization of Multidimensional Data Obtained from a Virtual Environment Intervention” awarded by RENCI@Duke Faculty Engagement Program in Applied Scientific and Information Visualization to work on models to visualize the multidimensional data collected during her R21 study. Her current R01 study (1R01-HL118189-01), “Diabetes Self–Management & Support LIVE (Learning in Virtual Environments)” is evaluating the efficacy of a technologically based bio–behavioral diabetes self–management training and support (DSMT/S) intervention in a virtual gaming environment.

Areas of Interest:

Health Informatics
Human-computer interaction
Colorectal cancer prevention
Diabetes prevention
Qualitative analysis
Visualization methods of analysis
Research methods


Colorectal cancer prevention • Diabetes prevention • Electronic health records • Health informatics • Health-related decisions • Human-computer interaction • Informatics • Information design • Information visualization • Usability • Virtual environment

Representative Publications   (search)

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Selected Grant Support

  • Diabetes Self-Management & Support LIVE (Learning in Virtual Environments), National Institutes of Health, 1R01-HL118189-01.      
  • RENCI Visualization of Multidemensional Data Obtained from a Virtual Environment Intervention, Renaissance Computing Institute.      
  • A Three-Month RCT to Sustain Weight-Loss among Obese Persons through Tailored SMS, National Institutes of Health, 1F31-NR012599-01.      
  • eHealth: Second Life Impacts Diabetes Education & Self-Management (SLIDES), National Institutes of Health, 1R21-LM010727-01.      
  • Curriculum Development Centers Program, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).      
  • Immersive Learning Environment At Duke (ILE@D), The Duke Endowment, for the Nanaline Duke Trust.      
  • NRC D2 HER Information Design and Usability Toolkit, Westat, Inc., 8704.07-S-002.      
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice, Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA), 1D09-HP14827.      
  • Development of a Model Electronic Health Record Format for Children, Westat/AHRQ, 8704.03-S-004.      
  • Health Informatics Workforce Training Program, WFT CTSA Supplement: NCRR Admin. Supplements for Research Workforce Development & Dissemination, UL1-RR024128-04.      
  • Calling for Collaboration: Comparing Communication Devices for Enhanced GME Training and Quality Patient Care, Graduate Medical Education Innovation Fund, Duke University.      
  • The Duke University Nursing Education Program, Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA), D09-HP09345-02.      
  • Interactive Nursing Education Using Second Life as the 3D Environment, Duke Center for Instructional Technology, 3914079.      
  • Strategies to Help Inform Colorectal Cancer Risk Magnitudes, National Institutes of Health / National Cancer Institute, 1R03-CA132562-01.      
  • Translation of Computational Risk Model to Consumer-Based Information System for WWW, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.      
  • Applying Usability to a Knowledge-Based System, National Library of Medicine, 1F38LM007188-01.      
  • Redesign of a Genetics Tracking Program to Improve Ease and Use and Reduce Errors, Texas Higher Education Advanced Research Program, ATP-011618-0077-199.