publications by Joseph A. Izatt.

Papers Published

  1. Izatt, Joseph A. and Hee, Michael R. and Owen, Gabrielle M. and Tearney, Gary and Swanson, Eric and Fujimoto, James G., Optical coherence microscopy, Conference Proceedings - Lasers and Electro-Optics Society Annual Meeting, vol. 8 (1994), pp. 46 - 47 .
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    A new method for improved optical sectioning in confocal microscopy (OCM) is reported in this paper. To improve image contrast in highly scattering media, OCM uses low coherence interferometry. OCM is an adaptation of optical coherence tomography.

    Interferometry;Interferometers;Optical beam splitters;Signal detection;Light scattering;Coherent light;Mathematical models;Forecasting;Microstructure;Medical applications;Microscopes;