publications by Joseph A. Izatt.

Papers Published

  1. Izatt, J.A. and Rollins, A. and Yazdanfar, S. and Westphal, V. and Ung-Arunyawee, R. and Kulkarni, M. and Chak, A. and Kobayashi, K. and Willis, J. and Wong, R. and Sivak, M.V., Real time imaging of ultrastructure and blood flow using optical coherence tomography, Proc. SPIE - Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. (USA), vol. 4001 (2000), pp. 430 - 43 .
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    Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a powerful new technique for noninvasive imaging of subsurface biological tissue microstructure. The basic principles of OCT and initial clinical results are reviewed. Several new advances to OCT technology are described which have enabled a new class of clinical applications to be considered. These include high-speed scanning technology (including novel improvements to the interferometer topology to optimize image SNR for a given source power), and functional imaging extensions of OCT including Doppler flow imaging

    biological tissues;biomedical imaging;blood flow measurement;Doppler effect;laser applications in medicine;light interferometry;optical tomography;