publications by Joseph A. Izatt.

Papers Published

  1. Wax, A. and Changhuei Yang and Izatt, J.A., Fourier-domain low-coherence interferometry for light-scattering spectroscopy, Opt. Lett. (USA), vol. 28 no. 14 (2003), pp. 1230 - 2 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/13)

    We present a novel method for obtaining depth-resolved spectra for determining scatterer size through elastic-scattering properties. Depth resolution is achieved with a white-light source in a Michelson interferometer with the mixed signal and reference fields dispersed by a spectrograph. The spectrum is Fourier-transformed to yield the axial spatial cross correlation between the signal and reference fields with near 1- μm depth resolution. Spectral information is obtained by windowing to yield the scattering amplitude as a function of wave number. The technique is demonstrated by determination of the size of polystyrene microspheres in living epithelial tissues is discussed

    biological tissues;biomedical optical imaging;Fourier transform optics;light coherence;light interferometry;light scattering;Michelson interferometers;optical correlation;spectroscopy;