publications by Joseph A. Izatt.

Papers Published

  1. Zara, J.M. and Yazdanfar, S. and Rao, K.D. and Izatt, J.A. and Smith, S.W., Electrostatic micromachine scanning mirror for optical coherence tomography, Opt. Lett. (USA), vol. 28 no. 8 (2003), pp. 628 - 30 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/13)

    Compact electrostatic micromirror structures for use in the scanning arm of an optical coherence tomography (OCT) system are described. These devices consist of millimeter-scale mirrors resting upon micrometer-scale polyimide hinges that are tilted by a linear micromachine actuator, the integrated force array (IFA). The IFA is a network of deformable capacitor cells that electrostatically contract with an applied voltage. The support structures, hinges, and actuators are fabricated by photolithography from polyimide-upon-silicon wafers. These devices were inserted into the scanning arm of an experimental OCT imaging system to produce in vitro and in vivo images at frame rates of 4 to 8 Hz

    biomedical optical imaging;electrostatic actuators;micromachining;micromirrors;optical tomography;photolithography;