publications by Laurence N. Bohs.

Papers Published

  1. Bohs, L.N. and Geiman, B.J. and Anderson, M.E. and Gebhart, S.C. and Trahey, G.E., Speckle tracking for multi-dimensional flow estimation, Ultrasonics (Netherlands), vol. 38 no. 1-8 (2000), pp. 369 - 75 [S0041-624X(99)00182-1] .
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    Speckle tracking methods overcome the major limitations of current Doppler methods for flow imaging and quantification: angle dependence and aliasing. In this paper, we review the development of speckle tracking, with particular attention to the advantages and limitations of two-dimensional algorithms that use a single transducer aperture. Ensemble tracking, a recent speckle tracking method based upon parallel receive processing, is described. Experimental results with ensemble tracking indicate the ability to measure laminar flow in a phantom at a beam-vessel angle of 60°, which had not been possible with previous 2D speckle tracking methods. Finally, important areas for future research in speckle tracking are briefly summarized

    biomedical ultrasonics;blood flow measurement;speckle;