publications by Robert Plonsey.

Papers Published

  1. Barr, R.C. and Plonsey, R., Electrode systems for measuring cardiac impedances using optical transmembrane potential sensors and interstitial electrodes-theoretical design, IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng. (USA), vol. 50 no. 8 (2003), pp. 925 - 34 [TBME.2003.814529] .
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    The cardiac electrical substrate is a challenge to direct measurement of its properties. Optical technology together with the capability to fabricate small electrodes at close spacings opens new possibilities. Here, those possibilities are explored from a theoretical viewpoint. It appears that with careful measurements from a well-designed set of electrodes one can obtain structural conductivities, separating intracellular from interstitial values, and longitudinal from transverse. Resting membrane resistance also can be obtained

    bioelectric potentials;biomedical electrodes;biomembranes;cardiology;electric impedance measurement;