Publications [#63570] of April S. Brown

Papers Published

  1. Brown, A.S. and Schmitz, A.E. and Nguyen, L.D. and Henige, J.A. and Larson, L.E., Growth of high performance InxGa1-xAs (.52 < x <.9) - (Al.48In.52As) high electron mobility transistors by MBE, IEEE International Conferece on Indium Phosphide and Related Materials (1994), pp. 263 - 266, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
    (last updated on 2007/04/14)

    The paper reports the successful attempts at significantly improving the electron mobility in thin channel, device structures with high two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) concentrations. InGaAs-AlInAs modulation-doped structures were grown by MBE in a Riber 2300 system on (100)-oriented InP substrates. The highest room temperature mobility achieved to date for low sheet charge and high sheet charge samples were realized in a structure with a 10nm 80% In channel utilizing a stress-compensation prelayer.

    Semiconducting indium compounds;Semiconductor growth;Electron transport properties;Semiconductor device structures;Molecular beam epitaxy;Semiconductor doping;Phase transitions;Crystal lattices;Gates (transistor);Relaxation processes;Electron transitions;High temperature operations;