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Publications [#147389] of Bruce M. Klitzman

Papers Published

  1. B Klitzman, C Kalinowski, SL Glasofer, L Rugani, Pressure ulcers and pressure relief surfaces., Clinics in plastic surgery, vol. 25 no. 3 (July, 1998), pp. 443-50, ISSN 0094-1298
    (last updated on 2013/07/01)

    Pressure ulcer incidence has been reduced but not eliminated. A few patients still develop pressure ulcers despite using air-fluidized beds and other specialty beds. In the future, very high-risk patients may possibly be sent to space clinics to recuperate in zero gravity for extended periods. Another possibility is the creation of suspension devices to keep a patient off the areas of the body where pressure sores might occur. Being informed of what is available and and aware how to use it optimally is currently the best solution.

    Humans • Pressure Ulcer • economics • etiology • prevention & control*

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