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Publications [#147429] of Bruce M. Klitzman

Papers Published

  1. BJ Nablo, HL Prichard, RD Butler, B Klitzman, MH Schoenfisch, Inhibition of implant-associated infections via nitric oxide release., Biomaterials, vol. 26 no. 34 (December, 2005), pp. 6984-90, ISSN 0142-9612 [doi]
    (last updated on 2013/07/01)

    The in vivo antibacterial activity of nitric oxide (NO)-releasing xerogel coatings was evaluated against an aggressive subcutaneous Staphylococcus aureus infection in a rat model. The NO-releasing implants were created by coating a medical-grade silicone elastomer with a sol-gel-derived (xerogel) film capable of storing NO. Four of the bare or xerogel-coated silicone materials were subcutaneously implanted into male rats. Ten rats were administered 10 microl of a 10(8) cfuml(-1)S. aureus colony directly into the subcutaneous pocket with the implant prior to wound closure. Infection was quantitatively and qualitatively evaluated after 8d of implantation with microbiological and histological methods, respectively. A 82% reduction in the number of infected implants was achieved with the NO-releasing coating. Histology revealed that the capsule formation around infected bare silicone rubber controls was immunoactive and that a biofilm may have formed. Capsule formation in response to NO-releasing implants had greater vascularity in comparison with uninoculated or untreated controls. These results suggest that NO-releasing coatings may dramatically reduce the incidence of biomaterial-associated infection.

    Animals • Biocompatible Materials • Drug Carriers • Drug Implants • Hydrogels • Male • Materials Testing • Nitric Oxide • Prosthesis-Related Infections • Rats • Rats, Sprague-Dawley • Staphylococcal Infections • Treatment Outcome • administration & dosage • administration & dosage* • chemistry • chemistry* • pathology* • pharmacology • prevention & control*

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