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Publications [#64532] of Bruce M. Klitzman

Papers Published

  1. Stenken, Julie A. and Reichert, William M. and Klitzman, Bruce, Magnetic resonance imaging of a tissue/implanted device biointerface using in vivo microdialysis sampling, Analytical Chemistry, vol. 74 no. 18 (2002), pp. 4849 - 4854 [ac020234w]
    (last updated on 2007/04/15)

    Real-time in vivo images of magnetic resonance contrast agent diffusion from implanted microdialysis probes were obtained by magnetic resonance (MR) microscopy. A gadolinium-containing contrast agent (Gd-DTPA) was infused through microdialysis probes implanted into the subcutaneous space of male Sprague-Dawley rats. The infusion of Gd-DTPA alters the T1 relaxation time for water protons near the microdialysis probe, thus causing an increase in brightness around the probe. Steady state concentration profiles of Gd-DTPA around the microdialysis probe were attained within 10 min. The distance for the diffusion of Gd-DTPA away from the probe was calculated to be [similar to] 1400 μm on the basis of an image intensity analysis. A 5-cm field of view was used with a 256 × 256 matrix, giving a voxel volume of 0.190 mm3 (195 μm × 195 μm × 5,000 μm). These experiments demonstrate the ability of magnetic resonance microscopy to obtain real-time images of Gd-DTPA diffusion around implanted microdialysis probes. This noninvasive technique may be useful for determining how fibrous encapsulation during long-term implantation may affect localized mass transport at a biointerface.

    Tissue;Dialysis;Diffusion;Magnetic resonance imaging;

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