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  • Boadu, Fred K., Associate Professor (joint with Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    Research Interest: My research seek to develop an understanding of how the engineering, environmental and petrophysical properties of porous media (soils, fractured rock, biological tissues) affect measurable geophysical responses, and subsequently develop methodologies by which these properties can be obtained from non-invasive geophysical measurements. These goals are pursued by developing basic theoretical models, then increasing their order of complexity I perform laboratory and field measurements, and compare these data to the outputs of the theoretical models. This pursuit will lead to the integration of theory and laboratory or field data for reliable and accurate prediction of subsurface (porous medium) properties and saturation conditions from geophysical information. The same approach is used to assess the stability and strength of geo-materials in the subsurface - mudslides, landslides, liquefaction etc. Bio-materials, for example, biologically contaminated soils or tissues essentially can be considered as multi-phase fluid saturated porous system. Changes in the biochemical and physiological conditions of these materials induce frequency dependent spectral responses which can be quantified. Such quantification can lead to characterization and monitoring of their engineering and environmental behavior over time. Research in methods to explore for hydrocarbons by development of petrophysical models, and extraction reservoir properties using fractal and neural network concepts is also undertaken
    Current Projects: Nitrate Contamination in groundwater Petrophysical modeling - Integrated electrical and seismics methodologies Characterization of fractured media Neural Network and petrophysical properties of uncosolidated media

  • Dolbow, John E., Yoh Family Professor of Engineering and Associate Professor of Materials, Structures & Geosystems
    Research Interest: Modeling quasi-static and dynamic fracture of structural components, the evolution of interfaces with nonlinear constitutive laws, and developing models for stimulus-responsive hydrogels

  • Gavin, Henri P., Associate Professor and Bass Fellow of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Research Interest: Structural dynamics, structural control, and related applications of controllable materials, especially the use of electrorheological and magnetorheological dampers for structural vibration suppression. This work encompasses rheology, non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, visco-elasticity, non-linear structural dynamics, and multivariable control.

  • Hueckel, Tomasz A., Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of Graduate Studies, (joint with Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    Research Interest: Theoretical soil mechanics, rock mechanics, and environmental geomechanics, as well as theory of plasticity
    Current Projects: chemo-mechanics of geomaterials desiccation damage of geomaterials AFM study of chemo-mechanics of intergranular contact Chemically induced landslides Long term strength of geomaterials and dissolution of minerals

  • Laursen, Tod A, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Senior Associate Dean for Education
    Research Interest: Engineering computing and engineering science and teaches graduate courses in continuum mechanics, engineering analysis, finite element methods, and the use of finite element methods for the solution of nonlinear problems

  • Nadeau, Joseph C., Associate Professor of the Practice and Assoc Prof of the Practice
    Research Interest: Theoretical and applied mechanics, micromechanics, composite materials, and probabilistic methods

  • Petroski, Henry, Aleksandar S. Vesic Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Aleksandar S Vesic Professor of Materials, Structures & Geosystems
    Research Interest: Interrelationship between success and failure in design, the nature of invention, the history of technology

  • Virgin, Lawrence N., Professor and Department Chair, (joint with Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    Research Interest:
  • Experimental verification of low-order nonlinear dynamical behavior (including chaos) using mechanical models.
  • The interaction between dynamics and buckling including secondary bifurcation.
  • Time series analysis in the context of condition monitoring and damage detection.
  • Dynamic behavior of inflatable and lightwieght structures for space applications.
  • Nonlinear aeroelasticity of airfoils, wings and panels.
  • Parametric excitation of slender structural components including rotorblades and struts.
  • Rocking, sliding, bouncing and overturning of rigid blocks with applications in earthquake engineering and the nuclear industry.

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