Publications by April S. Brown.

Papers Published

  1. Brown, A.S. and Mishra, U.K. and Rosenbaum, S.E., Effect of interface and alloy quality on the DC and RF performance of Ga0.47In0.53As-Al0.48In0.52As HEMT's., IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. 36 no. 4 pt 1 (1989), pp. 641 - 645 [16.22468] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/14)

    Ga0.47In0.53As-Al0.48In0.52As high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMTs) were fabricated in materials with varying degrees of alloy and interface disorder. The conductivities of the expitaxial layers are highest for material with the smallest amount of interface roughness and lowest for samples with poor-quality interfaces. The transconductances and unity current gain cutoff frequencies of the fabricated devices with 0.2-μm gates are similarly affected.

    Electric Conductivity;Semiconducting Gallium Compounds;Semiconducting Aluminum Compounds;