Publications by April S. Brown.

Papers Published

  1. Mishra, Umesh K. and Jensen, Joseph F. and Brown, April S. and Thompson, M.A. and Jelloian, L.M. and Beaubien, Randall S., Ultra-high-speed digital circuit performance in 0.2-μm gate-length AlInAs/GaInAs HEMT technology., IEEE Electron Device Letters, vol. 9 no. 9 (1988), pp. 482 - 484 [6952] .
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    The fabrication of fifteen-stage ring oscillators and static flip-flop frequency dividers with 0.2-μm gate-length AlInAs/GaInAs HEMT technology is described. The fabricated HEMT devices within the circuits demonstrated a gm transconductance of 750 mS/mm and a full-channel current of 850 mA/mm. The measured cutoff frequency of the device is 120 GHz. The shortest gate delay measured for buffered-FET-logic (BFL) ring oscillators at 300 K was 9.3 ps at 66.7 mW/gate (fan-out = 1); fan-out sensitivity was 1.5 ps per fanout. The shortest gate delay measured for capacitively enhanced logic (CEL) ring oscillaltors at 300 K was 6.0 ps at 23.8 mW/gate (fan-out = 1) with a fan-out sensitivity of 2.7 ps per fan-out. The CEL gate delay reduced to less than 5.0 ps with 11.35-mW power dissipation when measured at 77 K. The highest operating frequency for the static dividers was 26.7 GHz at 73.1 mW and 300 K.