Publications by April S. Brown.

Papers Published

  1. Cat, Huy H. and Gentile, Antonio and Eble, John C. and Lee, Myunghee and Vendier, Olivier and Joo, Young Joong and Wills, D. Scott and Brooke, Martin and Jokerst, Nan Marie and Brown, April S., SIMPil: An OE integrated SIMD architecture for focal plane processing applications, International Conference on Massively Parallel Processing Using Optical Interconnections (MPPOI), Proceedings (1996), pp. 44 - 52 [MPPOI.1996.559035] .
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    Focal plane processing applications present a growing computing need for portable telecomputing and videoputing systems. This paper demonstrates the integration of digital processing, analog interface circuitry, and thin film OE devices into a compact computing package. The SIMPil architecture provides a programmable, silicon efficient SIMD processor for effective execution of early image processing applications such as edge detection, convolution, and compression. Results from a demonstration SIMPil node are presented including its microarchitecture, and performance on image processing applications.

    Digital signal processing;Thin film devices;Integrated optoelectronics;Image processing;Edge detection;Image compression;Computer architecture;