Publications by April S. Brown.

Papers Published

  1. Mishra, U.K. and Brown, A.S. and Rosenbaum, S.E. and Delaney, M.J. and Vaughn, S. and White, K., Noise performance of submicrometer AlInAs-GaInAs HEMT's, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. 35 no. 12 (1988), pp. 2441 - [8861] .
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    Record DC and RF performance of AlInAs-GaInAs lattice matched to InP HEMTs (high-electron-mobility transistors) with nominally 0.2- and 0.1-μm gate lengths have been achieved. The devices were fabricated on material grown by MBE (molecular-beam epitaxy) on Fe-doped InP substrates. The epitaxial layers consisted of an undoped AlInAs spacer, a highly doped AlInAs donor layer, an undoped Schottky-enhancing AlInAs layer, and, finally, a highly doped GaInAs layer contact layer. 50-μm-wide devices with 0.2- and 0.1-μm-long T-gates were fabricated. The 0.2-μm gate-length devices were tested at V-band. The single-state amplifier (waveguide to waveguide with no correction) exhibited a minimum noise figure Fmin of 1.8 dB with an associated gain 7.5 dB at 63.0 GHz. This translates to an amplifier noise measure of 2.10 dB. The corresponding device performance was a minimum noise figure of 1.4 dB with an associated gain of 8.5 dB. This corresponds to a device noise measure of 1.6 dB.

    Semiconducting Aluminum Compounds;Semiconducting Gallium Compounds;Millimeter Waves;