Publications by April S. Brown.

Papers Published

  1. Dagnall, Georgiana and Shen, Jeng-Jung and Kim, Tong-Ho and Metzger, Robert A. and Brown, April S. and Stock, Stuart R., Solid source MBE growth of InAsP/InP quantum wells, Journal of Electronic Materials, vol. 28 no. 8 (1999), pp. 933 - 938 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/14)

    Strained InAsP multiquantum wells (MWQs) were grown on InP(100) substrates by solid source molecular beam epitaxy and were characterized to relate structural and optical quality to growth conditions. The multiquantum wells were grown using either dimer or tetramer arsenic (As2 or As4) over the substrate temperature range of 420-535°C. θ-2θ x-ray diffraction measurements showed only slight differences between arsenic compositions in the quantum wells grown with As2 or As4. 300K and 8K photoluminescence full width at half max (FWHM) decreased at higher growth temperatures regardless of the arsenic species used. The 8K photoluminescence FWHM and the surface roughness measured by atomic force microscopy are found to be less sensitive to substrate growth temperature for the multiquantum wells growth with As2 as opposed to As4.

    Semiconducting indium compounds;Molecular beam epitaxy;Substrates;Crystal structure;Dimers;Temperature;X ray diffraction analysis;Arsenic;Photoluminescence;Surface roughness;Atomic force microscopy;