Publications by April S. Brown.

Papers Published

  1. Matloubian, Mehran and Brown, April S. and Nguyen, Loi D. and Melendes, Melissa A. and Larson, Lawrence E. and Delaney, Michael J. and Pence, John E. and Rhodes, Richard A. and Thompson, Mark A. and Henige, Joseph A., High-power V-band AlInAs/GaInAs on InP HEMT's, IEEE Electron Device Letters, vol. 14 no. 4 (1993), pp. 188 - 189 [55.215155] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/14)

    We report on the dc and RF performance of δ-doped channel AlInAs/GaInAs on InP power HEMT's. A 450-μm-wide device with a gate length of 0.22 μm has achieved an output power of 150 mW (at the 1-dB gain compression point) with power-added efficiency of 20% at 57 GHz. The device has a saturated output power of 200 mW with power-added efficiency of 17%. This is the highest output power measured from a single InP-based HEMT at this frequency, and demonstrates the feasibility of these HEMT's for high-power applications in addition to low-noise applications at V band.

    Semiconducting indium phosphide;Semiconducting aluminum compounds;Semiconducting gallium compounds;