Publications by April S. Brown.

Papers Published

  1. Brown, April S. and Jokerst, Nan Marie and Doolittle, Alan and Brooke, Martin and Kuech, Thomas F. and Seo, Sang-Woo and Kang, Sangbeom and Huang, Sa and Shen, Jeng-Jung, Heterogeneous integration: From substrate technology to active packaging, Technical Digest - International Electron Devices Meeting (2001), pp. 197 - 200 [IEDM.2001.979465] .
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    Heterogeneous integration of dissimilar materials and devices is necessary for the continued advancement of electronic and optoelectronic systems. A range of processes has been developed in recent years that will enable system integration and advanced packaging. Herein, we outline our approaches towards heterogeneous integration.

    Semiconducting indium phosphide;Gallium nitride;Semiconducting silicon;Dissimilar materials;Substrates;MIM devices;High electron mobility transistors;Semiconducting indium gallium arsenide;CMOS integrated circuits;Heterojunctions;Molecular beam epitaxy;