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Papers Published

  1. Jokerst, Nan M. and Brooke, Martin A. and Laskar, J. and Wills, D. Scott and Brown, A.S. and Vrazel, M. and Jung, S. and Joo, Y. and Chang, J.J., Microsystem optoelectronic integration for mixed multisignal systems, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, vol. 6 no. 6 (2000), pp. 1231 - 1239 [2944.902172] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/14)

    The integration and packaging of optoelectronic devices with electronic circuits and systems has growing application in many fields, ranging from long to micro haul links. An exploration of the opportunities, integration technologies, and some recent results using thin-film device heterogeneous integration with Si CMOS VLSI and GaAs MESFET circuit technologies are presented in this paper. Applications explored herein include alignment tolerant optoelectronic links for network interconnections, smart pixel focal plane array processing through the integration of imaging arrays with sigma delta analog to digital converters underneath each pixel, and three-dimensional computational systems using vertical through-Si optical interconnections.

    VLSI circuits;CMOS integrated circuits;Semiconducting gallium compounds;Semiconducting silicon;Optical interconnects;MESFET devices;Computer networks;