Publications by April S. Brown.

Papers Published

  1. Doolittle, W. Alan and Namkoong, Gon and Carver, Alexander and Henderson, Walter and Jundt, Dieter and Brown, April S., III-nitride growth on lithium niobate: A new substrate material for polarity engineering in III-nitride heteroepitaxy, Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings, vol. 743 (2002), pp. 9 - 14 .
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    Herein, we discuss the use of a novel new substrate for III-Nitride epitaxy, Lithium Niobate. It is shown that Lithium Niobate (LN) has a smaller lattice mismatch to III-Nitrides than sapphire and can be used to control the polarity of III-Nitride films grown by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy. Results from initial growth studies are reported including using various nitridation/buffer conditions along with structural and optical characterization. Comparisons of data obtained from GaN and A1N buffer layers are offered and details of the film adhesion dependence on buffer layer conditions is presented. Lateral polarization heterostructures grown on periodically poled LN are also demonstrated. While work is still required to establish the limits of the methods proposed herein, these initial studies offer the promise for mixing Ill-Nitride semiconductor materials with lithium niobate allowing wide bandgap semiconductors to utilize the acoustic, pyroelectric/ferroelectric, electro-optic, and nonlinear optical properties of this new substrate material as well as the ability to engineer various polarization structures for future devices.

    Nitrides;Semiconductor growth;Epitaxial growth;Heterojunctions;Substrates;Crystal lattices;Film growth;Molecular beam epitaxy;Gallium nitride;Aluminum nitride;Nonlinear optics;Optical properties;