Publications by April S. Brown.

Papers Published

  1. Brown, A.S. and Nguyen, L.D. and Metzger, R.A. and Matloubian, M. and Schrnitz, A.E. and Lui, M. and Wilson, R.G. and Henige, J.A., Reduced silicon movement in GaInAs/AlInAs HEMT structures with low temperature AlInAs spacers, Institute of Physics Conference Series, vol. 120 (1991), pp. 281 - 286 .
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    High electron mobility transistors fabricated from GaInAs/AlInAs modulation-doped structure currently exhibit the highest current gain cut-off frequency, highest maximum frequency of oscillation and lowest noise figure of any three terminal device. The data presented show that the degraded characteristics of the inverted modulation-doped interface, as compared with the normal AlInAs on GaInAs, result from the segregation of silicon in AlInAs. The authors have reduced the magnitude of these deleterious effects by growing a thin layer of AlInAs immediately following the doped region at significantly reduced substrate temperatures. The degree of silicon segregation as a fucntion of substrate temperature is discussed.also

    Silicon and Alloys - Diffusion;Semiconducting Gallium Arsenide;Semiconducting Indium Compounds;Semiconducting Aluminum Compounds;Molecular Beam Epitaxy - Applications;