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Papers Published

  1. Brown, J.J. and Brown, A.S. and Rosenbaum, S.E. and Schmitz, A.S. and Matloubian, M. and Larson, L.E. and Melendes, M.A. and Thompson, M.A., Study of the dependence of Ga0.47In0.53As/Alx In1-xAs power HEMT breakdown voltage on Schottky layer design and device layout, IEEE Trans. Electron Devices (USA), vol. 40 no. 11 (1993), pp. 2111 - 12 [16.239781] .
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    Summary form only given. A systematic study of the improvement of Ga0.47In0.53As/Alx In1-xAs HEMT (high electron mobility transistor) breakdown voltage by varying the Schottky layer design and device geometry is presented. The HEMT structure investigated is a modulation-doped Ga0.47In0.53As/Alx In1-xAs on InP device with a sheet of charge placed at the center of the 300 Å wide channel. The device with a gate length of 0.5 μm, a source-drain spacing of 5μm, and an Al0.7In0.3As Schottky layer exhibited the best breakdown characteristics of |BVgd|=6.8 V and BVds=7.8 V. The typical transistor had a maximum transconductance of 500 mS/mm, a full channel current of 700 mA/mm for a gate bias of 0.4 V, and a current gain cutoff frequency of over 80 GHz. The power performance was measured on 500-μm-wide devices at 4 GHz and Vds=4.5 V. Under Class AB operating conditions, the output power density, power-added efficiency, and power gain were 0.45 W/mm, 59%, and 14.25 dB, respectively

    aluminium compounds;electric breakdown of solids;gallium arsenide;high electron mobility transistors;III-V semiconductors;indium compounds;power transistors;Schottky effect;solid-state microwave devices;