Publications by Christopher Dwyer.


Papers Published

  1. K. Skinner and C. Dwyer and S. Washburn, Quantitative analysis of individual metal-CdSe-metal nanowire field-effect transistors, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 92 no. 11 (March, 2008) .
    (last updated on 2008/10/16)

    Heterostructured metal-CdSe-metal nanowires were fabricated by sequential electrochemical deposition of layers of Au and the semiconductor CdSe. Nonlinear I-V curves were observed, and a parameter retrieval model was used to extract the majority carrier mobility of 0.5 cm(2) V-1 s(-1) for nanowires fabricated with zero deposition current during the exchange of the final CdSe and Au segments. This improved threefold with the application of a small current during the solution exchange. Values for the resistance and the electron density for these nanowires were determined. (c) 2008 American Institute of Physics.