Publications by Christopher Dwyer.


Papers Published

  1. Dwyer, C. and Taylor, R. and Vicci, L., Transport simulation of a nanoscale silicon rod field-effect transistor, Proceedings of the 2002 2nd IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology (Cat. No.02TH8630) (2002), pp. 401 - 4 [NANO.2002.1032275] .
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    We have simulated the behavior of a rod shaped nanoscale ring-gated field-effect transistor (O-FET) using the PISCES-IIb semiconductor drift-diffusion solver. The results from these simulations are used by a custom SPICE kernel to simulate several simple logic gates. The usefulness of this kind of transistor is examined within the context of a self-assembling fabrication technique that we outline. We also briefly explore a computer architecture we call a "computational oracle" for which the O-FET is well suited. Our simulation results, SPICE kernel modifications, and input decks may be found at a/TSNSRFET

    carrier mobility;elemental semiconductors;field effect transistors;logic circuits;logic simulation;nanoelectronics;self-assembly;semiconductor device models;silicon;SPICE;