Publications by Jungsang Kim.

Papers Published

  1. Kim, J; Pau, S; Ma, Z; McLellan, HR; Gates, JV; Kornblit, A; Slusher, RE; Jopson, RM; Kang, I; Dinu, M, System design for large-scale ion trap quantum information processor, Quantum Information and Computation, vol. 5 no. 7 (2005), pp. 515-537 .
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    We present a detailed system design and available technology choices for building a large scale (> 100 qubits) ion trap quantum information processor (QIP). The system design is based on technologies that are within reach today, and utilizes single-instruction-on-multiple-data (SIMD) principles to re-use resources that cannot be duplicated easily. The system engineering principles adopted highlight various design tradeoffs in the QIP design and serve as a guideline to find design spaces for a much larger QIP. © Rinton Press.

    hardware-software codesign;parallel processing;particle traps;quantum computing;