Publications by Jungsang Kim.

Papers Published

  1. Kim, J. and Pau, S. and Ma, Z. and McLellan, H.R. and Gates, J.V. and Kornblit, A. and Slusher, R.E. and Jopson, R.M. and Kang, I. and Dinu, M., System design for large-scale ion trap quantum information processor, Quantum Inf. Comput. (USA), vol. 5 no. 7 (2005), pp. 515 - 37 .
    (last updated on 2007/11/03)

    We present a detailed system design and available technology choices for building a large scale (> 100 qubits) ion trap quantum information processor (QIP). The system design is based on technologies that are within reach today, and utilizes single-instruction-on-multiple-data (SIMD) principles to re-use resources that cannot be duplicated easily. The system engineering principles adopted highlight various design tradeoffs in the QIP design and serve as a guideline to find design spaces for a much larger QIP

    hardware-software codesign;parallel processing;particle traps;quantum computing;