Publications by Stephen W. Teitsworth.

Papers Published

  1. H. Xu and S.W. Teitsworth, On the possibility of a shunt-stabilized superlattice THz emitter, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 96 no. 022101 (2010), pp. 3 pages .
    (last updated on 2010/12/18)

    High field electronic transport through a strongly-coupled superlattice (SL) with a shunting side layer is numerically studied using a novel drift-diffusion model. The bias voltage corresponds to an average electric field in the negative differential conductivity (NDC) region of the intrinsic current-field (I ¡ F) curve of the SL, a condition that generally implies space charge instability. Key structural parameters associated with both the shunt layer and SL are identified for which the shunt layer stabilizes a uniform electric field profile. These results support the possibility to realize a SL-based THz oscillator with a carefully designed structure.