Publications by Stephen W. Teitsworth.

Papers Published

  1. Huidong Xu and S.W. Teitsworth, Emergence of current branches in a series array of negative differential resistance circuit elements, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 108 no. 043705 (2010), pp. 4 pages .
    (last updated on 2010/12/18)

    We study a series array of nonlinear electrical circuit elements that possess negative differential resistance and find that heterogeneity in the element properties leads to the presence of multiple branches in current-voltage curves and a non-uniform distribution of voltages across the elements. An inhomogeneity parameter $r_{max}$ is introduced to characterize the extent to which the individual element voltages deviate from one another, and it is found to be strongly dependent on the rate of change of applied voltage. An analytical criterion is derived for the dependence of $r_{max}$ on voltage ramping rate and is confirmed by direct numerical simulation.